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Brian Christopher Bose, born and raised in Los Angeles, is a Nigerian, Belizean, Guatemalan, Jamaican, and Indian American. As an actor-singer-dancer, performing artist, choreographer/director, and international teaching artist, he revels as a multidimensional storyteller. He wholeheartedly believes that he was put on this earth to move, be moved, and to move others.

 Deep down, he maneuvers through the world as a wisdom-collector and truth-seeker. More inquisitive than Curious George, he possesses an utter fascination with human beings, how we tick, and why.


Brian has been dancing ever since he could walk. His older sister Sharina was his first major inspiration, who taught him hip-hop as a little boy in the living room. Brian’s love for dance grew rapidly, but his family was unable to financially support this love. Thinking outside the box, he hunted and took free YMCA classes and workshops – including one from Debbie Allen. However, the majority of his experience came from countless hours of self-teaching from music videos, concert footage, and his own choreographic creations. He found immense joy from teaching dance choreography to his friends and family. His major inspirations were Michael and Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, and Beyoncé.

In 2006 at the end of Brian’s 8th grade year, he won the Optimist International District Oratorical Contest, receiving his first scholarship. Through this experience, he gained skill and confidence in his ability to speak and perform in front of large audiences. Brian was finally able to spread his wings when he joined the International Thespian Society Troupe #2314 at Chatsworth High School where he trained in acting, singing, dancing, directing, and choreography. Under the direction and mentorship of drama teacher Walt McDowell, he performed in 7 mainstage theater productions, and performed/directed a combination of 11 D.T.A.S.C. Fall/Shakespeare Festival scenes. During his junior year, he auditioned and was accepted into the Conservatory of the Arts hosted by Cal State LA where he trained in Advanced Acting and Advanced Singing. During the D.TA.S.C. Shakespeare Festival in 2009, the drama department was featured in the Documentary Shakespeare High. Through his high school experience, he received the Honors Thespian Best Thespian Award, Mare Winningham Drama Department Honor Award, three Kevin Spacey Honor Thespian Acting Awards, and a DTASC Acting Scholarship. After four years of extensive academic and extracurricular involvement, Brian graduated Chatsworth High School as a Class Valedictorian with a weighted GPA of 4.5.

In 2010, he participated in the New York Times blog series called The Choice: The Envelope, Please, becoming a published blogger that openly shared his personal hills and valleys of navigating through the college admissions process. (Check out the blog here)Simultaneously, he developed a Video Blog series that was featured on The Today’s Show. This exposure led him, almost serendipitously, to the University of California, San Diego.

As a Theatre and Dance double major at UC San Diego, he has performed in 23 Theatre & Dance Department (undergraduate and graduate) productions, 9 of which he has also choreographed. The summer after his freshman year, he was accepted into the Summer Arts Steppenwolf West Acting Intensive Program at Cal State Fresno. Fortunately, while attending university, he has performed in 9 professional theatre and dance productions (choreographing 4 of them). Professional work includes performing and choreographing 3 productions at the San Diego REPertory Theatre, collaboratively choreographing Patricia Rincon Dance Collective’s The Myth Project: Altar for the La Jolla Playhouse’s W.O.W. Festival, and performing the lead in a musical workshop Mr. Chickee’s Funny Money directed by Kim Rubinstein at the historic Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York.  On November 20, 2013, he was a featured speaker and performer at the Conference for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities (CRASSH). In the UT San Diego, Brian is featured as one of the “Faces To Watch In Arts” for 2014 (Check out the article here). With the combination of these achievements and a full course workload, he graduated UCSD Magna Cum Laude with Honors & a Double B.A. in Theatre & Dance, Class of 2015.


As a storyteller, Brian is interested in developing new ways of seeing and experiencing, the infinite potentialities of creating stories, and the various modes in which they can be shared: theater, dance, opera, tv, film, music videos, animation, performance art, photography, musical composition, etc. As an artist and human being, he is engaged in becoming the greatest version of himself. Brian strives to unleash his highest potential, to inspire, and to help others to do so as well. He hungers for collaboration. He practices the art of cultivating the creative mind, unleashing the pure potentiality of human expression, creating and recognizing abundance, speaking his truth, being an agent of change, and living his personal legend. Like Brené Brown, Brian believes in the power of vulnerability and stepping into the arena, allowing yourself to be seen, living authentically and finding the light within the darkness. Brené believes, after all, that “stories are just data with a soul.”

Along with continuing to perform & choreography/direct, Brian aspires to create a multidisciplinary production company to collaborate with innovative, creative, and progressive artists that employ upon a mastery of craft and skill. He also strives to become a creative consultant in order to help other companies create a commodity around sustainable goods, collaborating and offering an endless stream of creativity and possibility.


At the heart of it all, Brian wants to be well known for doing exceptional work, virtuously potent in vision and grounded in specificity and truth. He is on a journey to fulfill his life’s purpose. He wants to be of service, helping others break free from the hypnosis of fear so they can realize both their visions and the fact that they have a gift to give to the world. Most importantly, just as the eloquent Bobby McFerrin once said, Brian wants everyone to know that “It’s alright to have butterflies in your stomach, just make sure that they are flying in formation!”

Brian would like to give special thanks to his family, teachers, mentors, advisors, and friends for their guidance, support, and unconditional love throughout his existence. He wouldn’t be who he is nor would he have been able to accomplish all that he has thus far without their encouragement and assistance. Brian knows that he is truly fortunate and blessed.


***Special SHOUT OUT to William Given and Megan Haugh for the development of this website. Thanks a billion! Muah <3***

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